Biophysik Dresden


At the Technische Universität Dresden, teaching in the fields of BIOPHYSICS takes place within the Master Courses NanoBioPhysics (run by the BIOTEC) as well as within the specialisation area Soft Condensed Matter and Biological Physics in the Physics Master programme (run by the Physics Department). 

In the following, please find a list of lectures, seminars and practicals taught by Dresden biophysicists. Most of them will be linked to the actual course plan or the lecturer's webpage. Please follow these links to obtain further information.



Summer Semester 2014

Cellular Machines I: Fundamentals of Cellular Machines / Biological Nanomachines (Lecture + Seminar)

Prof. Dr. Stefan Diez Dr. Michael Schlierf

(TUD Master course for students of Molecular Bionengineering & Nanobiophysics)

Time: Mondays from 2:50 pm to 6:10 pm

Place: BIOTEC, Seminar Room E05/06

Winter Semester 2013/14

Introduction to Biophysics (Lecture)

Prof. Dr. Jochen Guck

This lecture is an introduction to the physics of biological systems at the molecular and cellular level. In addition to providing all the basic information on this topic, the emphasis is on the physical design principles that living systems use to accomplish various cellular processes, enabling them to sense and react to their environment. A set of case studies aims to demonstrate how physicists' experience of the complex systems can complement experimental investigations by biologists to explain how living systems work, and why biology is the way it is. (obligatorische Vorlesung im Wahlpflichtvertiefungsgebiet "Soft condensed matter and biological physics, also BIOTEC BioMolEng Master course "Principles of Biophysics", also BIOTEC NanoBio Maser course "Biophysical Chemistry")

Time: Mondays from 2:50 PM to 4:20 PM

Place: CRTD, Auditorium (right)

New Developments in Nanotechnology (Seminar)

Prof. Dr. Stefan Diez Dr. Cordula Reuther Dr. Till Korten

(TUD Master seminar for students of Molecular Bioengineering and Nanobiophysics)

Time: Mondays from 1:00 PM to 2:30 PM

Place: BIOTEC seminar room E05

Cellular Machines II: Biomolecular Mechanosystems / Molecular Motors (Lecture + Seminar)

Prof. Dr. Stefan Diez Dr. Michael Schlierf

(TUD Master course for students of Molecular Bionengineering & Nanobiophysics)

Time: Tuesdays from 11.10 AM to 2:30 PM

Place: BIOTEC seminar room E05

Physics aspects in biology (Physics-Proseminar)

Prof. Dr. Jochen Guck Dr. Anna Taubenberger Dr. Oliver Otto

Further information: Please send an email with a ranked list of 2-3 topics by this date to the contact email above. The topics will be assigned and communicated by return email within two weeks. In general, you should contact me at least one week ahead of your date with a detailed outline of your presentation. Talks will be 30 min + 15 min scientific discussion and feedback. The language of the course is English.

Time: Mondays from 1.00 PM to 2:30 PM

Place: SE2/201

Molecular Motors and Cytoskeleton - MMC (Lab Course)

Prof. Dr. Stefan Diez Annemarie Lüdecke Lara Scharrel Felix Ruhnow

TUD advanced practical training for students of Physics (Biomolecular Motors: From Cellular Function to Nanotechnology)

Time: Fridays from 8.55 AM to 6.00 pm

Place: Max Planck Institute of Molecular Cell Biology and Genetics (MPI-CBG)

Biophysical Methods (Lab Course)

Prof. Dr. Jochen Guck

BIOTEC NanoBio Master students: Time: 3. – 7. March 2014

BIOTEC BioMolEng Master students:Time: 24. – 28. March 2014

Physics Master students, SS 2014 (obligatorische Veranstaltung im Physik Master Wahlpflichtvertiefungsgebiet "Soft condensed matter and biological physics")
Time: 17. – 21. March 2014